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Franchise FAQs

1. Why SPUKIES – The Veg Sigree Franchise?

With over 400 items and years of experience and a strong brand recognition a SPUKIES franchise is would make your entry in food industry one of the smoothest and sought after.

2. What are the services provided by the Franchisor?

We shall be assisting with location selection, all kinds of online aggregator tie ups at most competitive commission rates, site development, menu management, staff provision and training, centralized gravy support, etc.

3. What is the store size required?

Minimum store size for opening 550 - 600 sq. ft. carpet area.

4. How much is the Royalty fee?

Royalty fee is 6% of your gross sales and is paid monthly. This fee entitles you to use Spukies Service mark, Marketing assistance, Ongoing business development, staff assistance and consulting and other benefits that come with being a Spukies Franchise.

5. Is training provided to the Franchise?

All training is provided by the brand along with staff provision, support in re-recruitment & inventory support.

6. What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

The term of Franchise Agreement is for 3 + 2 years.

7.How much does the Franchise fees cost?

A Franchise fee for opening Spukies (Kitchen plus takeaway outlet) format is INR 4 Lakhs.

8. What is the total investment to open a store?

To open a store INR 12 Lacs (excluding franchise cost) is required. Another INR 5 Lacs shall be required as buffer working capital for initial days when the store is gaining sales. Total funds including franchise fees shall work out to INR 16 Lacs plus buffer capital.

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